Tosu City University is the intellectual heart of Tosu City and the campus for the University and the Early Studies program. The University serves as the main setting for Independent Study and Graduation Day, and is a goal to reach in The Testing.

Background Edit

The University rests in Tosu City, on fully revitalized land. A chasm caused by one of the Seven Stages of War passes through the campus, but it has no other blemishes outside of that, still hosting a green quad and almost all original University buildings from before the war. The football stadium has been turned into a greenhouse, and the campus is kept very clean and good looking.

Fields of Study Edit

The University houses the five fields of study available to those who were selected for and pass through the Early Studies Program. These five are Bioengineering, Medical, Law, Education, and Mechanical Engineering. Each has a rigorous induction, and each is very strenuous.

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