• Hello Gibble. I've seen that you've made quite the edits these past days. While I know these edits are of good faith, and you are trying to help the community, please do not add the categories "Men," "Women," "Males," or "Females" to lists of characters. These list, while they do contain the above, are for "Candidates" or "Main Characters," and should only have global categories that apply to all the characters in the list.

    I hope this clarifies things. Happy editing! Shadow

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    • As I look into your edits, they seem to be more badge hunting than anything else. While it may be fun to badge hunt, please refrain from removing small sections of pages and then putting them back for sake of edit count, or changing picture size for sake of that badge. This is your first warning.

      If I am incorrect in this assumption (though your impressive 270 points is impressive for one day), please accept my sincerest apologies.

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    • I understand. ImĀ using my book, and just editing pages as I read, adding details.

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    • A FANDOM user
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