The 4th Stage Route is the route taken by Malencia Vale and Tomas Endress. The duo started in bombed out Chicago, Illinois where they found each other and plan their route. It is believed they began their journey southwest and eventually arrived in the capitol of Illinois, Springfield. The reason this is believed to be correct is they mention seeing a large domed building in the center of the city and the only big city they could possibly be by that has a large domed law building marking it as the capitol, Springfield. Then a short while later the identify the Arch in St.Louis and with the aid of a map they identify the city and confirm it to be St.Louis, Missouri. Also Springfield and St.Louis are not to far apart and they make it seem like the distance in between the cities did not take too long to traverse. As they continue their journey they bank around St.Louis and trek on to Wichita where the capitol Tosu City is located. They say the come upon a collection of buildings and everything just looks abandoned until they come upon a crater miles wide indicated the use of a nuclear ordinance. In order to find the location you have to follow the interstate going above St.Louis and because they use one road to get to Tosu or Wichita it could only be along that route. It took them a week to get to the buildings  by bike and if you account for constant stops rough terrain then the most likely conclusion is Topeka, Kansas. Cia announces it is roughly 200 miles to Tosu when they leave the buildings and from Topeka to Wichita it is a 200 miles so everything adds up making Topeka a likely conclusion. Then after days of journeying they are in all flat terrain which makes sense because they are in the great plains. They then finally make it Wichita completing their journey. The reason they did not take a more direct path was more than likely because of the way their boundaries shaped up. When Cia mentions before the journey that there is one large body of water between Chicago and Tosu it is believed to be Lake of the Ozarks and Harry Truman Res. because they are right next to each other. Lastly, this is all based upon logically thinking I conducted after reading the book and studying a map some parts may be incorrect and if you think you have a better theory then make this article even better by editing it.

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