Promotion requests Promotion:Gibble410

What is your username?

My username is gibble410

What is the position you would like to promote to?

I am interested in being a 'Rollback.'

What is your current position? If you don't have a position, put "user".

Right now I am a user.

How many days/months have you been editing here?

I joined today, but I have been hovering around this wiki without an account, just viewing. Today, May 3rd was my first edit however.

What is the reason you feel you are ready for this promotion?

I am aware I am new, but I thought being a rollback would be a nifty skill. On other accounts and once or twice on this account I made some different wikis that have been sucsessful, so I know kinda what to do. Except for the name signing thing! But even if I am new, I just realized that in little under 2 or 3 hours I am the second ranked person points-wise. I believe I have 160 points, that is a little over half of what the top player has. I do not mean to brag, but I see that as somewhat of an example of the work I provide. Any other information:

Thanks for considering me. :)

Official Reponses: Actually, because of your badge-hunting, I will be saying no for now. Not no indefinitely, but for now. Badge-hunting is generally a not accepted practice, so that will bar you from any promotions currently. I am looking forward to your future contributions, and I will consider you for future rollback positions.
Shadow E. Bobcat (talk) (guestbook) (bureaucrat)

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