Enzo is a young man from Tosu City who graduated to the Government Studies class at the Tosu City University.

Background Edit

Enzo grew up in one of Tosu's less influential sectors. Therefore, due to his lack of connections to influential officials, he had to work a lot harder than the other Tosu City students to get into the University.

Independent Study Edit

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In "Independent Study," Enzo was part of the team Malencia Vale chose for the Induction Challenge. After that Enzo and Cia became friends.

Graduation Day Edit

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In Graduation Day, Cia considered Enzo as part of her Strike Team. Stacia, a member of her strike team, thought Cia was taking too long to decide a test for Enzo and she made one herself. Enzo failed the test, he broke into Cia'a room and activated the pulse radio and got blown up. This is what sent Cia on the run. Enzo survived but was badly injured.